Today marks the one year anniversary of our great adventure through Europe. A year ago I wanted to hold my experience close to my heart upon returning from Central Europe because it was like no other I’ve ever had in my life. It was so big in my little world. For years I would daydream about how cool it would be to see London and I never ever thought I would get to see Paris. A year ago today we set out on a journey to UK, France, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Holland.

It all started on New Years Eve 2011. We were sitting around our back porch with our very favorite friend who just happened to be married to each other talking about nothing in particular. Eventually after several drinks it turned into a discussion of something very particular and very exciting! We should do a trip to Europe. So we set out to plan our trip. Josh was really great at picking out possible routes to travel and Amy was so great to build anticipation with! Dave was always the best person to scope out both pros and cons when it came to picking a route.  8 months of planning and when June finally rolled around and there were only 30 days left to pack and prepare the excitement was almost unbearable! I could hardly focus on work and day to day life because my mind was cloudy with the unknown. What would Europe be like? What did people really eat and wear and talk like? What would change my life forever from this trip?

I think I got answers to most everything and got the treat of a lifetime by getting to travel with three of my very favorite people!


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