I am not a health food addict. Though if you ask anyone who has coexisted with me they may disagree. I don’t eat sweets unless it’s a social function and I am going with the flow and being “normal” so as not to raise eyebrows and questions about how on earth I don’t eat chocolate and candy corn and ice cream etc. The fact of the matter is I didn’t grow up eating that stuff and no one in my family eats a lot of so called junk. I’m not consciously trying to be extremely healthy. I’m just naturally drawn to food that make me feel good. What this normally ends up meaning is while I like my junk food (Ramen, potato chips, Chinese take-out …pizza!!!) I usually manage to throw something in with it to make it somewhat nutritional. The way I see it is there is no point eating it if it isn’t going to fuel my body and keep me going! So I started thinking about how my unhealthy eating seems to look kind of healthy to most people.

I decided to start sharing my unhealthy healthy eating with you my friends! You might find something you like along the way!


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