My name is Suzanna. I’m named after Susanna Wesley but there was a misprint on my birth certificate and thus began my journey as Suzanna. It has been a fun trip so far!

In the past three years I have turned 30, married and welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world! My husband and I tend to go 90 miles a minute  so I try to simplify home life and stay closely connected to the things that inspire me.

I began this blog with zero expectations. I was looking for a place to express myself without the confines of my preexisting social setting. I wanted to write my own words without the unavoidable pressure of wondering what people thought of me. So I set out to speak honestly and share openly. I put no limits on my words or thoughts. I did not promote my blog to family and friends (initially). I simply wrote. I wrote for myself. I listened to my own words. I searched for my voice and my feeling as untethered by anyone else’s feelings or opinions as possible. I’m still growing every day with every new entry I share. Being honest and real is the most important thing to me. That’s my voice.

The greatest gift this blog has brought to my life is the chance to inspire someone! I have the opportunity to reach out and share with a great big world!  If one person takes what I write and does something positive in their lives or someone else’s life with it than I feel more successful than you can imagine! I began this blog with zero expectation. However, today my life is richer because of you, my friends, who read and share life with me!

Thank you for inspiring me I hope to somehow return the favor!



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