July 15th, London – So Much London So Little Time


It was two years ago this July that I took the biggest trip of my life thus far! The journey covered 6 countries in 2 and a half weeks. A lot a miles were covered but the greater journey was the one that my mind’s eye experienced. I saw, tasted heard and smelled things so foreign to my senses that even two years later I am still unraveling the affair! I can’t explain it but when I came back from our trip I didn’t want to share it with anyone! I wanted to keep it locked up and safely close to my heart. The memories are like a rare and delicate lace that I pull out on special occasions to peer at life through. They decelerate my fast paced life for a brief unhurried moment.

I treasure my memories like a fine old wine! However, I decided to start working on piecing my memories together and giving them to you too. I started thinking about it and, well, wine is always better when it’s shared amongst friends! So I hope you enjoy my unravelings!


My Journal July 15th, 2011

Today was the perfect day! Although it rained and was chilly the day before, today was warm and sunny! We had sleep. All is right in the world! We got up early and walked to Abby Road (a lot of walking here!!!!)

 No caption needed right?!

No caption needed

Of course we did! Ok I made them. They hated me for it but we had to!



The side walk and walls on AR are covered with thoughts and messages from fans. Abby Road is just a road in a somewhat wealthy middle class neighborhood but the notes make it so much more than just a road. I guess that’s much the same with the Beatles and their music. Without their fans they would have just been another talented band that tried to make it.

Can you believe these tiny cars!



This is for my sister Sarah and her girls! I took it solely for them!


There were gift shops like there all over the place but this one had awesome celebrity masks!

After Abbey Road we took the train to Baker’s street!!!!! I completely nerded out on this one!! After breakfast of yogurt with granola (homemade!) we headed to the Sherlock Holmes museum!


It was so much fun to feel close to one of my favorite fictional heroes! My favorite thing was the violin in his study! I could almost see him playing and hear the screech as Holmes drags his bow across the string to match the rhythm of his deep thoughts. Oh I was a kid again and I was an adult in love with the mystery and intrigue!

We saw the London Bridge which looks like a story book bridge with its blue stumpy legs. It has personality.


Me and Dave went to the Globe theater and saw Henry III. It was surreal. The plain planked wooden stage with player dancing in and out of Shakespeare’s rhyme and humor reminding me of a waltz performed deftly by the lighthearted feet of nobleman.  They played his words like a great symphony. I love Shakespeare. Love reading his work but never has it come alive for me like it did today! The two children in the play caught my attention. How wise and passionate beyond their years they must be perform and nail their lines. To feel the level of emotion required to do justice to such worshipped literature leaves me breathless with excitement! I was so happy to share this with Dave.

After the play at the Globe we grabbed coffee and trekked our way back to the London Eye. It wasn’t that far away and it was nice to have a little time to quietly take in the city skyline. The streets of London are romantic to me. They represent and resemble a newer version of the muddy pot hole filled streets described in so many stories from my childhood like Oliver Twist and the Tale of Two Cities and Sherlock Homes!! London is like a wise old man compared to baby America! The London Eye is like a Farris Wheel on steroids and like the giant that it is, it moves its outstretched capsules around in slow rotation that is almost undetectable to the average onlooker walking by. I had to stop in order to see movement!

At the end of our day we went back and met up with Josh and Amy for a drink. This is where we met some loveable…. slightly …ok really drunk old dogs! They were loud and cheerful and ready to dance! And dance we did until britches (not mine) fell down! He claimed he had lost some weight and I told him I thought it was time for some new pants in between snorts and crying because I was laughing so hard! I had fun. I laughed and raised my hand for an unreturned high five! Aaaaand that is all. Kelly the bar tender had a British (cockney?)accent. She told me  “You must have some Scottish in yea cause people gravitate to ya as they do me!”. I told her I had a little and what a lovely compliment and who knew it had to do with being Scottish. 🙂

There is so much more I could tell you but it would take so much more space and you might stop reading in the middle.




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