Breaking even – 9 Months


Dear Ian-bean,

Today we had your nine month checkup. The doc said we have officially reached the breaking even point. You have been in this world exactly as long as you haven’t. I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I was rubbing my stomach and trying to imagine what you would be like.

It’s kind of crazy to think about this past year. For us it has been life changing for certain but for you it has been 9 months of new and foreign things every day. The way I see it is for roughly 273 days you have been climbing the equivalent of Mt Everest!  It makes me realize how strong and ambitious you are! You have woken up every day with the same tenacity and zest for life regardless of how long or overwhelming the prior day was for you. That makes me so proud of you Ian! I hope you will always greet life with the same exuberance and drive!

This month you started interacting with us more than ever before. You question us with your eyes and with noises. You are starting to get better with your motor skills. They say you are supposed to experience separation anxiety around this time but I’m delighted to say while you do notice when we leave, you are still happy to hang out with Grandma and Papa or your aunts. You flirt with pretty girls in the grocery store and reach out to strangers to be held. To be honest you seem to love people and they all seem to adore you right back. To me it seems that you feel secure and confident enough to explore what you don’t know or understand!

So after 9 months of getting to know each other you can’t quite put into words how you feel but I get the feeling that you kind of like us. You are everything and more than what I expected. Your smile can pretty much erase a horrible no good rotten day. I would do just about anything embarrassing or stupid to make you laugh. The sparkle in your eyes reflects the most inquisitive mind. You dedicated to figuring out how every little detail works in this world. Sometimes I just watch you in wonder. How on earth did I end up so lucky? You truly are a unique little boy. You are such a source of joy. You are the baby Don Juan Demarco! God help us if you figure out how successful you can truly be at getting people to adore you!

Something I haven’t mentioned in any of my notes to you is how many people have helped make your first 9 months in this world so special. Your Grandma Atkinson, your Aunt Sarah, your Aunt Kim and on some lucky fun Fridays your Aunt Demeatra watch you when I go to work. So much time is being spent teaching you and showering you with unconditional love and patience. We are very blessed Ian-bean. If there is one thing to remember it is how fortunate we are. If ever you start to think things look bad remember that as long as you have people who truly love and care for you; you are wealthy indeed.

9 months


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So you have lots of fun facts for month # 9!

  1. 4 is the number of teeth the Ian-bean has sprouted
  2. 87 is the percentile for weight and height you are in
  3. 18 months is the size clothing you wear
  4. 7 to 10 ounces is how much solid food you usually eat per meal! (That’s a lot for that little belly)
  5. Your favorite food is bananas and Greek yogurt mixed together
  6. You love to make noises and sing
  7. Your favorite toys – A clear plastic cup and some rubber ducks in the tub and Sophie the giraffe
  8. You like to drink water directly from water bottles. Big gulping sips while soaking your shirt.
  9. You crawled and pulled yourself to a standing position in the same night
  10. You have hair and some of it is curly!
  11. You are learning to brush your teeth!
  12. You like listening to Bob Marley, Billy Holiday, Buddy Holly and recordings of the sitar off The Concert for Bangladesh You still love punk rock though so daddy seems ok with me cultivating your interest in other types of music.
  13. You are sleeping through the night from around 7pm to around 7am. Go little bean go!!!


Everything about you is changing so fast now! I’m sure I missed something but let it suffice to say you are wonderful and I’m proud of you.

I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow too.

Mom n Dad



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