Shine On You Crazy Diamond – 8 months


Dear Ian,

It’s your mother. I wonder if you will read this someday and laugh. So you are beginning nine months this week. Month 8 was something special! You have changed so much in one month it has me spinning on my heels! In one months time you have managed to sprout more hair, your very first two teeth, and a couple inches in height. I can’t even imagine how shocking this is to you. It is astounding to me.

In one weeks time you went from swaying back and forth in your walker to speed demon roller derby baby. Poor Chance adores you but he is unable to get near you without sacrificing a digit! For months you have tested the spandex in the bungee cord of your bouncy seat. However you have now turned the door frame into ground zero for your personal bungee trampoline.

Something that tickles me to death is how much you seem interested in art!  There is little more you love than to sit on my head and pat the muted pastoral above our sofa. Yesterday you discovered the framed picture I have in the kitchen of a frog painted on a feather. You really like to touch the framed quilt we have too but I think that one is mostly because it’s soft.

The one thing you love as much as art is music. You love to make music with objects. You love to slap your thighs like a drum and hold your fist up to your mouth and make humming noises. You love to sing and hum yourself to sleep and when you wake you love to listen to everything from Fleetwood Mac and The Cars to Buck Owens and David Allan Coe.

Things I want to remember about you from this time:

*You are a sweet boy. You like kisses and hugs and snuggles. You are tender-hearted. Speaking to you crossly brings you to inconsolable tears. However, you also have a stubborn vein that runs through you. You don’t like things snatched from your hand.

*When you don’t want to go to sleep you fight sleep until you are falling over. However, when you want to sleep you will fuss until we put you in your bed. At that point you may sleep for hours and hours until we wake you.

*You are getting so playful! Yesterday you were running in your walker and I was crawling toward you saying “I’m going to get you”. When I came closer you opened your mouth for a kiss so I kissed you back and you squealed with excitement and then ran the other direction!

* You love to crawl all over me and your dad. I think we are your “base” or safe zone while you are trying to figure out this standing/walking thing. It’s hilarious to watch but slightly painful to endure.

* You got your first tooth and then another back to back. They are your two front teeth!

*Just last Wednesday (August 20th) you surprised us and slipped crawling and standing up on your own into your repertoire!!



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So Mr. Ian those are my take aways this month. Your feet are forever growing and your smile stays big and warm so I think we are on the right track.

We love you more and more every day and are so proud of you!


Mama and dad




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