July 14th, London – Oh Victoria!


It was two years ago this July that I took the biggest trip of my life thus far! The journey covered 6 countries in 2 and a half weeks. A lot a miles were covered but the greater journey was the one that my mind’s eye experienced. I saw, tasted heard and smelled things so foreign to my senses that even two years later I am still unraveling the affair! I can’t explain it but when I came back from our trip I didn’t want to share it with anyone! I wanted to keep it locked up and safely close to my heart. The memories are like a rare and delicate lace that I pull out on special occasions to peer at life through. They decelerate my fast paced life for a brief unhurried moment.

I treasure my memories like a fine old wine! However, I decided to start working on piecing my memories together and giving them to you too. I started thinking about it and, well, wine is always better when it’s shared amongst friends! So I hope you enjoy my unravelling!


My Journal July 14th, 2011

We got on the train to Victoria . It’s weird but looking out the window the city looks like any other in the U.S. However what looks really different are the houses! They are so old and pretty! It looks like they have terracotta roofs and Windsor style windows. I can picture a little old lady having tea with a terrier passed out in her kitchen.  Here are a few pictures I took when we arrived in London! Next stop Buckingham Palace!


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