The Visit


One of my favorite books growing up was The Visit,  By Joan Esley, Illustrated By Eloise Wilkin. I remember finding it at my grandmother’s house and every time I would go visit her I would sit in her back bedroom and look at it. I don’t have much that belonged to my grandmother but I somehow ended up with this book and a blanket that belonged to her. To this very day I still love looking at this book. It’s a story about a little girl named Abigail who goes to visit her Great Aunt Lavinia and Uncle Merritt. It’s her first time away from her mother and she is frightened by her Great Aunt and Uncle until she begins to get to know them. I think my love for beautiful old things like rag rugs and cozy window seats came from all the years I spent completely engrossed in this book! I could live in this book!

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This weekend Ian is going to stay overnight with Grandma and Papa. It’s only one night but it is his first night away from home without us. This week I have relived The Visit so many times in my head. I know Ian will be perfectly happy with Grandma and Papa but this is such a big thing to me. It’s another first that may not be a baby milestone per say. Maybe it’s more of a mama milestone.









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