Five, six,: Pick up sticks – 5 and 6 months


Dear Ian,

You are our pumpkin pie, our sweet potato butt, our baby cakes. You are our lover boy, our snuggle bunny, our munchkin butt, our milk monster, our  little diaper butt. You are our heart you delicious arm full of creamy soft baby!

I am addicted to kissing the back of your neck  and your cheeks and the soft pads of your feet …and your thighs. I can’t get enough of the way the top of you head smells. I can’t stop hanging on your every facial expression. I live for the moments  when you to reach out and grab my face between your hands! I am so proud to say I got your first kiss ever Memorial Day Weekend! I will treasure that! It’s only fair because your dad got your first smile!

You have gone from clucking noises to loud boisterous bellows that get everyone’s attention! You make entire strings of sound that almost sound like English!

Month 5 and 6 of your first year flew by with so many firsts! I can’t believe how quickly this is all happening but it’s pretty fun!

The milestones we think are important!

We have a bedtime book we read together.  It’s special to me because it’s a little routine we have together.

Your first solid was avocado. You loved it and then you hated it. We’ve moved on. Here you are with cheese grits!

photo 5 (1)

You flew for the first time and went swimming!


Your dad started introducing you to our records collection. It’s really funny to watch your reaction to different ones. You love upbeat music!!

We have started going out with you  a lot more! We have gone to dinner and to hear live music! You are one partying baby!



You are a happy little man and we are some happy parents. So proud of you Ian David Baker!


Mama and Dad


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