Merry Belated Eastermas


I used to have life all worked out. My house was clean, my bills paid on time, my closet and drawers organized and color coded. But today I look at my tired Christmas tree with drooping decorations and garland hanging on for dear life and realize things are slightly different since the stork visited us. While trying to get the perfect Easter picture of Ian I kept catching a glimpse of the forlorn tree hovering like a big red elephant in the corner of the room leaning forward as if scooting closer to silently remind me of my responsibilities. I turned my back on it only to hear the rustling of fake plastic arms awakened by our dogs that have all but moved their entire beds under the tree limbs. They are thoroughly enjoying the unique experience of lying under a tree while having their fur rustled by the cool breeze pouring out of an air conditioning vent in the floor. It looks like a heavenly experience for them but I can only think of how much dog hair I’m going to have to sweep up once I finally put that obnoxious Christmas tree away. When though? When am I ever going to find the time?

I silently started going over the blur of the past few months to see if there was a pocket of time in which I could have taken down our Christmas tree?

No, nope, no sir….. Ugh ok. Yes there were some moments that I had available to take it down but in those moments I had to choose between family time and a clean house.  In those moments I had to carefully weigh the value of a clean home

1. Will the tree coming down make my family happier than me spending time with them? … Nope.

2. Will the absence of our Christmas tree make anyone as happy as my dogs are now? … I’m going to have to go with absolutely N O T

3. Will I be happier if the tree is down? Nope.

I realize I could get enginuitive and have a “taking down the tree” party but Ian really isn’t in to this stuff yet and Dave would see right through my charade.  So at this time I have decided to simply own it proudly.

One day I will look back and remember Ian’s first Easter and smile because I got to spend it hugging on my baby instead of fussing over our giant plastic house plant!

Hi my name is Suzanna and I leave my Christmas tree up year round. If you think that’s bad you would be aghast  if you ever found out what else I don’t waste time on anymore!


Merry Belated Eastermas Friends!

-The Byrd


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  1. Really love this one. You’re making the right choices. Chaos and disorder are all part of the package. Eventually life straightens out but you will never have this today again. 🙂


    • Thanks for the encouraging words friend! They go a long way during this season in our lives! I’m glad it settles down a bit because it’s crazy town right now! I am loving every minute of it but I’m pooped!


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