Pack it up, Pack it in – That time I went to Europe


So we went to Europe 2 years ago. I started sharing this experience a year ago but life got crazy and I had to postpone it for a while! It was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken! We traveled with another couple which made it fun, interesting and more economical. We tried to journal everything as we went along. When we returned home I was speechless! Something so big is so hard to share with other people because it’s difficult figuring out where to begin. I thought of a lot of different ways to share my memories. In the end I decided to jump in by starting right at the beginning. Long before we stepped foot on an airplane I had a plan. We had a recipe which consisted of purchasing, (tickets, flights, hotels etc) packing, scheduling and knowing when to stop and take it all in.

When I started thinking about how to pack for Europe I immediately had a moment of panic. It’s hard enough to pack for a trip to another country but we were visiting 6 different countries in 16 days!!! My goal was to prepare for hot, cold, rainy weather, and maybe a few nice dinners out. On top of packing for all occasions I needed to pack light because we would be on the move a lot. I needed my bag to be light so it passed the weight/size limitation for carry on luggage but I also wanted  to be able to carry whatever I had for long periods of time if I had to. My goal with  packing was to layer so I could get as many outfits out of as few garments as possible. Here is what I ended up with.

After looking for a really long time I found The North Face Flyaway Rucksack that weighs virtually nothing and a small cross body purse!

Black leggings and Stretch jeans

Khaki skirt and Black cotton dress ( I layered over the dress and used it as a black skirt too)

Sunglasses, printed scarf and 1 long sleeve striped shirt

Three structured tank tops : Black, white and grey

Green and Pink sweater

Motorcycle style sweat shirt  jacket and Rain Coat

Brown sandals (use as shower shoes as well) and Black Anu Walking shoes (so comfortable!) and a 1 piece swimsuit that I wore as a shirt under sweaters too.

Toiletries and makeup?

1.Head band. My bangs drove me nuts after day one of rainy London!

2. Tooth brush, Tooth paste,

3. Travel shampoo, one bar of soap and Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Refill Pack (these were awesome after long train rides and even when my feet got dirty from the train stations etc.)

4. Laundry soap sheets, quick dry towel and a mini first aid kit (with stuff for blisters)

5. Dr. Pepper lip gloss and blush.

6. Dove Go Fresh body mist – Revive Pomegranate & lemon verbena scent ( Comes in a travel size and actually works really well and a quick spritz lasts for a really long time)


Other Stuff:

1. mall binoculars

2. Point an shoot camera

3. One extra fold and go bag for souvenirs (You are allowed 1 carry on and a personal bag so I threw my purse in there when we flew home.)

4. A watch with an alarm clock

5. iPhone and iPad

6. Empty water bottle ( I drink a ton of water and bottled water it’s expensive over there!)


I’m pleased to say the only thing I never used was the watch with an alarm clock! Our phones and ipads had built in alarms!


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  1. Wow, I’m impressed! I would call it perfect, in fact. Very classic and European choices. I think that the only thing I would have changed was to switch out one of the tanks for a short sleeve shirt. One more top to layer over the dress. But I bet you could still layer the tanks if you wore the sweaters.
    How much did it weigh? I bet you came in under 7 kg.


    • Thank you! I actually wish I had brought at least one short sleeve white shirt for the warmer days when I did not want to wear a sweater! I was able to layer the tank tops over the dress though! The bag itself only weighed 340 g. My bag with toiletries iPad and camera etc. weighed about 8/8.5 kg!


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