4 Months – The Miracle Baby


Dear Ian!

Sweet little mink! Daddy has deemed you Stinkous Minkous and I’m afraid it stuck. You are our miracle baby! Our super boy! You are the sweetest most wonderful creature to us! Happy 4 months! Why is this month different from any of your other months? Well let me explain! I remember sorting through so many different things trying to fix whatever little challenge we were running into with you at the moment and 9 times out of 10 I would read the magical words.

 “By four months this will clear up!”

You had cradle cap and when I began researching what to put on it I was relieved to see it usually clears up on its own by 4 months!

You got baby eczema and it was so uncomfortable for you. Fortunately… it usually clears up by 4 months.

When you got your first cold at 2 and a half months oh how my heart broke every day you were sick. All I could do was try to relieve your discomfort with warm baths and love. I remember many nights sitting with you asleep on my chest. If only you had been 4 months I could have given you medicine.

You were colicky in the evenings. Oh how you fussed and oh how your tummy hurt. Some nights your dad and I would just look at each other bewildered as we tried to sooth you and get you to sleep. If only you were 4 months the colic would be gone.  At least that is what all the articles said.

When we started planning the method we would use to get you on a good sleep schedule we decided to postpone the process until you were 4 months old. Why? Well of course 4 months is when babies are developmentally capable of learning how to self sooth themselves.

For months I have had this mental picture of everyone with a baby suddenly waking up to the world most perfect little wonder at 4 months! This baby would quietly make kissing noises as you laid them in their crib. They would drift off to sleep peacefully with a sweet cherub smile on their face and a tender look of love in their eyes as they adoringly gazed at their mommy and daddy standing over their crib. This miracle baby would put all babies under the age of 4 months to shame.

Thankfully you are not this baby!

How boring you would be if you were! You are perfectly imperfect! Half the time you only have one sock on your foot. You love to blow big sloppy bubbles and drip liquid sugar (Thank you Leah Beckham for the best term for drool/liquid sugar I have ever heard!) all down your mama’s arm. All three of us (you me and your dad) laugh when you burp and pass gas. We usually aren’t sure if we smell your toots or the dog’s because they stink so bad. When we feed you your bottle your hands always find their way into your dad’s beard or my mouth! Bath time is great because your dad winces as he anticipates you sending an arch of pee up out of the water at him or yourself. You have the biggest crooked grin I have ever seen! Your dad loves to see those big gums as you grace us with a smile or laugh. You’re our miracle baby! God new you’re crazy odd parents needed a little bambino just as crazy odd as they are. The 4 month miracle is how much personality you’ve got for such a little person. What an adventure you are!  Oh my, how proud we are of you! Words just can’t express what we feel!

Love you so much!

Mama & Dad

Our 4 Month Miracles!

You found your voice!

photo 5

You found you toes and fingers!

You found your dad’s beard!

photo 4

You learned to sit up!

(The Christmas Tree in March is a whole other story/post)

photo 1

 You learned to roll over!


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  1. Wow! Truly adorable. I love the way you are capturing all this.
    It seems like my own little baby is a big toddler already and those days are GONE. It’s awesome that you are savoring and saving all these memories


    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! Life just goes by so fast and these little ones seem to grow like weeds! You wake up eveyr morning wondering how they changed so much while you slept! I really appreciate your feedback! Love hearing it!


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