Every Dot and Tiddle – 3.5 months


Dear Ian,

We love the way your entire face smiles when you smile. We love how we smile when you smile! We love how you are such a beautiful little human being!

When you sleep pure innocence marks your face somewhere in the space between your eyebrows and your little nose. Your little forehead furrows like a grumpy old man and your pouty mouth softly exhales as you dream. Your hands clinch and relax and reach out while your head bobs from side to side taking in everything you can possible fit within your line of vision. The sound of your voice is the funniest and sweetest sound we’ve ever heard! Sometimes it’s a groan and sometimes it’s a chuckle but it is always gentle and a little timorous and brave all at once! And Ian you are so smart! You learned to make a clucking noise after watching Paw paw do it a couple times. Now when we cluck you cluck back and grin proudly!

Your newborn clothing is long gone and your sneaking into bigger diapers. Don’t think we haven’t noticed! There’s always a long sigh every time we have to fold up something cute and put it in the too small pile. Gone is the little tiny helpless newborn we brought home from the hospital. That little one has been replaced by a robust handsome boy with sparkling eyes, soft peachy cheeks and downy hair growing a little thicker on his head every day. You even have eyebrows now!

Love the way you lift your own legs when we change your diaper! It’s so thoughtful of you. Love how  you suck your upper lip in and make a smacking noise while you’re eating. Love your little monkey toes and the way you grip things with them! Love that you have discovered your hands and how yummy they taste! Love how you stick your tongue out to touch our lips when we kiss you! Love how you play coy with daddy and tuck your head in my neck. Most of all we love you because you’re ours!


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