It amazes me how quickly the world changes around us. It’s human nature to adjust and resituate our lives around what is different. If we didn’t we would be living in the equivalent of a big dark box. I remember having a computer when I was eleven or twelve but it came with games like Where In The World is Carmen San Diego and the Oregon Trail and they were on giant floppy disks. Moving objects in these games made bloop blip sounds across the screen and we spent hours fascinated by them. To be honest, I’m still fascinated by Oregon Trail and how not to die of dysentery. It’s as though these people ate contaminated food and played with deadly snakes to pass time.

Hashtagging, how shiny and novel you are! It occured to me hashtags are used to say what we really think. They are sarcasm or whatever it is we aren’t feeling bold enough to say on Social Media sites. For example. I would write “Have you seen Suzanna’s new hair cut”.  Then  I would hashtag my opinion. #holyhotmess. The other day I read an article which had a very serious tone “The Dark Side of Sugar?” until I read the hashtag #Donotlickyourbrother.

We have arrived. We have gone from bloop blips and cube shaped cartoons to inventing a symbol that represents our internal monologue! I’m madly impressed!

…but I don’t know if I completely buy in. I miss the ringing of a telephone. I’m still bitter with Napster and iTunes on a daily basis for trying to take away the complete earth transcending moment when I open a freshly purchased CD by my favorite artists. There was nothing wrong with TV before 3D, HD…Plasma…4k and all the other amazing upgrades quickly coming on the scene. I like the scratchy sound of a record player and the smell of vinyl. I like looking into people’s eyes instead of the top of their head as they search their phone for the meaning of life.  I miss not freaking out when I leave my cell phone somewhere!

Don’t throw rotten tomatos at me please! Technology totally has its place in our society and I love what it has done to the film industry. I mean I could practically touch Joseph Gordon Levitt and believe you me, that is a thing of beauty! This blog entry would be in a paperback diary somewhere without technology. Lucky you! I just notice things lose some of their luster when used to a point of saturation. Maybe everything in moderation is an old concept too but I would appreciate all the new technological bobbles if their consumption was  paced instead of taken in as though there is an expiration date.

I’m sure I’ll have this conversation with my son one day when it is much more age appropriate for me to say these things and I can make refence to him as a young whippersnapper. Who knows. Maybe by that time I will have mastered the Oregon Trail.



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