It’s Hernando To You


My sister came back with a gold mine of images on her camera after her annual trip to Mexico City this year. Yes a gold mine! However she has allowed me to share some with you for the bargain price of  FREE! It’s like finding a lucky penny right?!

This is the Parroquia de la Santa Veracruz. It is a church in downtown Mexico City.  However it isn’t just any church! This place  was founded by the religious brotherhood Hernán Cortés back in 1586. This is the same Cortes we learn about in grade school! In the United States we grew calling him Hernando Cortes who Conquered the Aztec Empire? How cool is that???!!!

My sister Heather was sick half of her trip. Poor dear. When I asked her about this photo (I fell in love with it when I saw it) She said the one day she wasn’t completely ill, she and her husband Pedro went downtown to walk around and have lunch. As many times as she had  been downtown in Mexico City, she said she had never seen the church until this recent trip.  It was hidden from view by the Palacio de Bellas Artes (the Fine Art Palace), but this time she decided to walk around the Alameda Central – a huge green space in the middle of downtown.  From there, she glimpsed this perfect view of the magnificent church!

I was blown away by the colors and composition in her photo. She captured the mystery and ghostly life of this place so well. You can almost imagine it sucking in and exhaling it’s dusty breath! Maybe someday I will get to go to Mexico City with her and see it in person!!! Until then I’m so grateful she generously shares her photographic treasure for me to vicariously live through!



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