Thank you baby!


On this blessed Thanksgiving 2013 there is plenty to say thank you for. I’m tired and … tired, but in regards to our first two weeks as parents I think it only fitting to mention some of the funny unexpected baby lessons I’m thankful for!

1. God gave babies the ability to cry so pitifully no human being with a heart can resist picking them up. I’m certain it is a built survival mechanism.

2. I’ve heard of projectile vomiting but I recently experienced projectile pooping. Fascinating…

3. Socks do not stay on newborn feet. Ever.

4. Baby clothing sizes make absolutely no sense. Newborn and 3 months can look exactly the same after a wash and dry.

5. A baby can eat and simultaneously poop to make more room in their stomach. I’m kind of jealous…

6. Baby gas sounds exactly the same as adult gas… I would have thought they would be scaled down a bit. They aren’t.

7. Baby poop… Someone just needs to write a book on it. Seriously. It looks nothing like what they eat.

8. Babies require 4 things: love, food, clean diaper and sleep. The rest seems to be gravy.

9. A baby can sleep through a full-blown rock concert with disco lights when it’s time to feed them. But, when it’s nap time, a baby can wake at the sound of a single floorboard creaking.

10. Just when you think you have figured out what “works” a baby will change it up.

Nursery pictures. It’s a work in progress but here is what we have so far. Better late than never!

photo 1-3


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