38/39 Weeks

38/39 Weeks

Dear little one,

It has been 9 months waiting for you’re to get here but you’re almost home! We have been getting ready for you for a while. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for you to arrive!! We are so excited! We can’t wait to meet you!!!

You are big now! A little over 6 lbs and still putting on fat. You are way too big to stay in my tummy much longer. I don’t think I can carry you around much longer. I seem to be moving in slow motion these days and  can only eat really small portions about the size of my palm or I get sick. Ugh! We can see every movement you make (there really isn’t anywhere you can hide now) and I can only move certain ways depending on where your feet are! They are usually in the lower right hand side right above my hip. I can’t tell if you are playing a game with me because you stretch your foot out until I touch the heel of your foot in my side and then you pull it back in really quickly! It’s almost like you are saying “here I am” and then trying to hide once I touch your foot.

The dogs seem to be sensing your arrival too! They come up and inspect my belly when I get home in the evening. Beta tucks her head under my arm so her ear is flat against my tummy and listens for a minute or two while Chance likes to come up and bump you with his nose to say hello. They have inspected every inch of your nursery too so there should be no boogeyman hiding in there. The entire house is buzzing and excited about your arrival!

Come on little boy! We’re all waiting!!

Love Mama and Daddy


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