Get Showered And Get Going!


I have officially experienced the baby shower! It was pretty special you guys! I’m just letting you know! I have never been so excited to get clothing and gadgets for someone else in my entire life!

photo 1

While I won’t fit in the diapers and I would definitely blow out the wheels on the travel system stroller if I try to roll in it (yeah I thought about it) I walked away with the best gift of all. I got to spend time with amazing friends and family! However, I’m still debating whether to test the pack n play out and all the baby wash stuff smells really good.

Honestly it takes a lot of love and commitment to be happy for someone else having a baby. I mean what difference does it really make other than you won’t see much of me or Dave for a while and when you do we’ll probably only be paying half attention to what you’re saying only to interrupt you at the best part of your story to tend to the Atkinson/Baker offspring. For us it means the world that you are joining in on our little journey to baby-land. It’s nice to know you’re not walking that road alone!

So my family threw me a super adorable shower and I have some dear girlfriends who put together another wonderful baby shower at work! We received an overabundance of love, encouragement, and thoughtful gifts! To everyone who came out and supported us and shared in our celebration you have made us feel so loved! Thank you so much! You overwhelm us with your generosity! For those of you who traveled from out of town we are so grateful for the sacrifice it took to give up a weekend and make the long trek.

I have the best friends and family in the world! I’m a very lucky gal!


I’m bummed some of you didn’t get in the group picture but we took it kind of later in the evening!


We have less than a month until this baby gets here. I’m almost done packing the overnight bag and the nursery is almost done.  I hope he likes me (as more than a food source!). I hope he is like… man this mommy lady is a pretty cool chick. I dig her!

So who wants to help wash all the cute baby laundry?! There are socks in here that don’t even fit on my toe!

photo 2


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