34 Weeks (and 3 days!)


Dear baby grape,

We’re almost there!!

Unlike the first trimester in which I slept constantly the 3rd trimester has felt like I’ve been walking for miles while lifting weights! I guess I kind of have been though! You weigh about 5 lbs now and are growing like a weed!  Your little kicks have turned into leg stretches and hiccups. Sometimes I can feel the heel of your foot all the way around the side of my waste when you stretch out! I think you are starting to recognize our voices because when we talk to you, you start moving around. I’ve also noticed that you seem to move towards my hands if I rest them on my belly which is something you have never done before! I am beside myself with excitement! You will be here before we know it and I’ll get to hold you and kiss you instead of just feeling you through my tummy. It’s tough trying to guess if I’m patting your butt or your head!

While I need you to stay put and finish growing I won’t miss how much more I wake up at night to go to the “powder room”. These days I can’t remember anything and I’m thirsty all the time! Another funny thing is my feet have grown from a 7.5 to a 9! I have one pair of 9 boots I wear with everything! At least they are cute but I feel like I’m walking around in clown shoes.


With just a few more weeks to go and we still have so much to do to get ready! The new floors have been laid and the walls have been painted in your room. We are getting there!

This weekend I will work on packing the bags for the hospital and making sure the car seat is installed. I can’t believe it’s almost time!!!

The Grape at 34 weeks / Little basketball Baker.

photo (7)

We can’t wait!

Mama and Daddy


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