Baby Room


It has taken a long time to formulate what his room is going to look like. Maybe I’ve dwelled too much on it but I guess I keep thinking our baby will be spending a lot of his formative years weaving imaginative adventures in this room. I can’t help but feel a little pressure to help him out by giving him some good tools to start with.

My biggest motivation is sharing a little of what we had growing up while showing him there is a big world waiting to be discovered by him! I want him to know about our family and morals but teach him to never be afraid to think for himself and explore beyond what we have to offer him. I want him to know who we are but also to know he doesn’t have to be like us to make us proud.

It may be many years before he reads any classic literature or travels to another country or maybe he won’t want to do either but someday when he is a little older and looking around his room I hope he sees things and asks us about them. I anticipate the days when we get to tell him about the big amazing world he lives in! It’s exciting to know that this little human we are responsible for has an entire lifetime to make mistakes and make his own way. He will always be special to us but I hope he will be a gift to this world too!

That’s a lot of hopes and dreams to cram into a little room! So yeah… I guess what hangs on his wall and surrounds him is a big deal to me. I’m certain I sound very much like a first time mom and I’m ok with it. I’ll figure it out as I go.

Here are a few of the things things that have inspired me:


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