29/30 Weeks (29 wks and 6 days)


Dear littlest Baker,

You are kind of making me look like I swallowed a lot …of something! Sometime your movement seems so wildly boisterous I really have to wonder what ARE you doing in there???

Tuesday I had my Fasting Plasma Glucose test. Say that 5 times fast! I hate needles but for you I will allow this horrid thing. Ugh. I was hoping for a lolli at the end but it looks like no sugar for a long time. While my blood sugar was normal on the fasting part it was surprisingly high on the second test after drinking sugar-water. It is supposed to be somewhere around 130 and it was at 150 mg/dL. Eek! So now I have to take a glucose tolerance test in a week to see if it is still high. We will see how that goes.

We have been so busy moving that the weeks have passed too quickly! The doctor says you are right on the money as far as size goes! You weigh about 2.5 – 3 lbs. The biggest changes in me would be puffy feet if I accidentally wear shoes that squish them (sausage toes are very, very frightening).  Also I got in the sun so I have some dark areas on my face but they just make me smile because I think they are what people call the mask of pregnancy? It makes me feel like I’m turning into the Phantom of the Opera or something! The other change is I have that line down the center of my stomach.  Actually I read that I have always had that line but being pregnant makes it darker! Interesting….

We got your crib! Pop Pop Baker overcame his challenges in the “handyman” department and put it together. We have some fitted sheets and clothes from your Aunt Sarah, Nan (great grandma) Baker, Grandma Baker, Aunt Joyce and our friends the Kestners. I have lots to laundry to do before you get here! We are also working on getting Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson’s house ready for watching you when I go back to work. Grandma is getting so excited! Your dad and I are beyond ecstatic you are going to stay with your grandparents in the beginning! It’s will be so nice to have them look after you when you are so young and developing your sense of this great big world! It also makes me feel so much better about going back to work. I know it’s going to be hard either way, but knowing you are with my mama and dad takes the worry out of it!

Some interesting stuff about you:

1. You favor the right side of my stomach

2. Every time the nurse tries to get your heartbeat you seem to be facing outward. So I think you might like to be cuddled with you back to me and that’s kind of cute to think about (like spooning)!

3. I sleep on my side but if I don’t put a pillow under my stomach you squirm and seem to move around a lot more. So it seems like you like the extra support.

4. If I fall asleep and my ever-growing belly find itself up against your dad’s back you move A LOT! I think you kind of like your papa!

I’m trying to find a better spot in the new house for pictures but for now here is the picture progression of you up to 30 weeks (If you look in the lower right hand corner of the last photo you can also see our nosey dog Chance 30 weeks into the pregnancy!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Baby at 29/30 weeks

Almost time to meet you little one! We’re so excited!

Love you,
Mama and Dad


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