1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more



Today I woke up and didn’t know where I was…

This weekend we hosted a magical moving party! The door prize was an achy back, a couple of side stitches, heart palpitations and oh my gosh will this ever end? Our family and friends rallied and managed to get us into our new digs with most boxes unpacked in a 24 hour period. We couldn’t have done it with a happier bunch (after coffee was passed out to all). The amazing thing is I had only  asked a couple of the men in the family to help move one memory foam king size mattress at 10 am. They showed up early on moving day ready to help and didn’t leave until everything was done! I, “The Great Pumpkin”, waddled around completely overwhelmed by how much love and sacrifice it took for everyone with their bad backs, bad knees, bad ankles, smashed and swollen fingers and busy schedules to come out on their own and work so hard and long.

Dave has been working like a mad man to fix stuff and make sure we are comfortable. He is slaving away around the clock between the house and his crazy work schedule. Yesterday he fixed the fence line and some other stuff around the house and we are slowly getting closer to normal.

This morning I let the dogs out to inspect the back yard and they both ended up in the pool. I had to fish there soggy behinds out while trying not to laugh too hard at their shocked expressions. It’s as if they thought they could walk across this body of water to get to the other side of the yard. I watched Beta in slow motion as she gently placed her paw on the surface of the water only to topple head first over the edge! Then Chance followed her lead like something different was going to happen. I’m going to have to show them the steps in the pool this afternoon. My work ensemble was completely soaked by the time I got them out and dried off.

The moral of this disjointed story?

1. Moving sucks when you’re pregnant but sometimes family and friends can make you forget it sucks and simultaneously make you smile at how lovely they are.

2. My husband is a workhorse and I need to surprise him with something awesome because he is awesome.

3. Early in the morning dogs think they have the ability to walk on water like Jesus.

YOU… have an outstanding Monday!



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