25 Weeks


Dear sweet little boy of ours,

My tummy is stretched beyond belief. If I eat I have to waddle somewhere and sit back for a little bit. The doctor told me to eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day and that seems to help some but I feel like Humpty Dumpty most days! The doctor says I’m going to be a very big bellied pregnant lady because my waist is so short. So it looks like both you and I have A LOT more growing to do! Bring on the shea and cocoa butter!

Your cousin Blake is 2 and he is so excited that you are a boy! He says he would sincerely like to name you Fluffy! We will try to let him down easy. Maybe he can just nickname you fluffy.

I started feeling you move at about 18 weeks but I wasn’t completely sure at first. Now at 6 months I can feel it and so can daddy when he puts his hand on my belly. We can see it too! Your favorite time to start exercising seems to be at night when I’m relaxed in bed with a book! Little rascal!

For now all is quiet on the home front as far as baby goes. We’re in the second trimester and I have more energy as promised by all the reading material I am trying to absorb information from! Your dad and I are trying to take advantage of this and spend as much quality time together as we can before the third trimester starts slowing this mama down a little! We looked at baby cribs and I think we have decided on a simple design but for now we are holding off on getting it because we are pretty sure we’ll be moving into your new home soon! We have lots going on and there is a lot of planning for your arrival and our future with you but the most important thing is that you keep growing and getting stronger even if that means I am uncomfortable for the next couple months!

We love you!

Mama and Daddy

P.S. I’m a little behind on baby bump pictures but the latest is the last picture which I took yesterday. I’m finishing up 25 weeks and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll fit in this house dress but it has been fun to see how differently is hangs (or should I say obnoxiously clings) and fits over the past couple of weeks!

baby bump


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