* Hello Weekend * Hello New Home *


Today marks the end of a busy work week and the beginning of a, gloriously void of plans, weekend. Dave has been in Charlotte most of the week and I’m ready for some reconnect time before we start Monday off with a bang!

When do I ever start Monday off with a bang you may ask? Well not often but we got great news yesterday! The short sale we made an offer on months ago finally came through and we are set to close on Monday! It’s an exciting time for us and I can’t wait start moving in! Although this isn’t Dave’s or my first it is the first house we are buying together so it kind of feels like he should be carrying me over the threshold! Gasp! No don’t worry. I’m not going to make him do that because I’m a little heavier than usual right now but maybe I’ll make him hold my hand as we step through our front door for the first time!

We have some work to do before our little bambino gets here but I’m looking forward to it! We should get in the new house right about the time we start feeling the urge to nest! We are probably going to need to hire a moving company and a cleaning company…and little take-out for a while but it will be worth it and it is neat to have a house we picked out together! I can’t wait for us to make it a home!

presidents cir-128-summerville sc 29483- front yard


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