Do Watts You Love & Love Watts You Do


When I was a teenager I wanted to be like Marlon Brando so bad (and James Dean but that doesn’t further my point in this post!). Anyway I wanted to be cool and be in the movies like millions of other fans I’m sure. It was kind of funny when I later discovered Marlon Brando didn’t even want to be Marlon Brando! Interestingly enough he hated acting and saw it as a very base human quality used as a social lubricant. It was a natural human instinct rather than some great talent. Yet Brando spent almost every day of his life acting on sets for movies!? Why keep doing it? Why do any of us keep doing something once we have realized it doesn’t make us happy?

I came across Alan Watts about a year ago. While I can’t say I agree with everything he says; I think he may be asking the same questions I am and maybe the question Brando didn’t even know he was asking! What do we want? What makes us happy and why aren’t we all doing what makes us happy?

How do we get to be such messy manipulative and psychotic adults from innocent children on our mom and dad’s knee? How did Brando go from a small farm in Nebraska to being so well known and equally self-loathed? So watch the YouTube video if you have time! Seriously! Tell me what you think!


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  1. I love this guy. Desire really is at the root of everything, including what we believe…since we only ever believe what we ‘want’ to believe. Our desires rule us. His practical expression of this essential truth is wonderful. His demolition of the idols most of us lean toward is surgical. Thanks for sharing the video, and for introducing me to him.


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