23 Weeks


Dear little bitty grape!!!

We are so excited! We went for our 20 week ultrasound and not only were we able to confirm your gender but also we got an amazing 3D picture of you!!!! We had the secret of your gender sealed in an envelope for an entire week!  I knew I would look so Grandma Atkinson had it hidden at her house for safe keeping.  Suspense and surprise have never been my favorite elements in life and your grandmother has always known how to calm me when I’m on pins and needles. Every day of the week leading up to daddy’s return I called her to try to weasel the information out of her without actually asking. She had a little fun as well leaving taunting voicemail on my phone! I was not allowed to talk to grandpa in private because she knew I was going to try really hard to get him to slip up and say something. Oh what a horrid week!!

It has been a whirlwind of activity since Sunday night. Daddy came home around 12:30 am on Sunday, July 14th and we sat on our bed and opened the envelope together. Daddy cried and I couldn’t stop laughing because it just confirmed what I already knew! Only a boy kicks that hard! On Monday so many people were waiting on the news BUT we haven’t made it public knowledge yet. We will once we have a chance to tell all the family!

Baby at 23 weeks

23 weeks

You are loved and you are all ours little one!!!

Mama and Daddy


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