A Year Ago

How it started

How it started

Yesterday marks one year since our tour of Europe. A year ago I wanted to keep everything close upon returning from our trip because I wasn’t ready for other people’s input or remarks. I just wanted to mentally unpack everything and think about the different people, sights, smells and sounds. It was such a big experience  in my little world. For years I thought about how cool it would be to see London. How different was it from the descriptions you read in old books?! How different was the world from the way I pictured it in my mind? A year ago today we set out on a train hopping trip through the UK, France, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Holland.

It all started on New Year’s Eve 2011 sitting around with our good friends who just happened to be married to each other. We started talking about where everyone had traveled and in my case where I had not been but always wanted to go. For some reason I have managed to never travel anywhere outside of the U.S.  It’s odd because everyone in my family has traveled to or lived in at least one other country! Dave took me to Costa Rica for our honeymoon a couple of months prior to our talk on New Year’s Eve and it was amazing!! So I’m going to claim least experienced in the group. I had never left the country prior to that. Eventually after several drinks it turned into a discussion of where we would go and when! Hmmm maybe we should plan a trip to Europe. And so we did! Josh was really great at picking out possible routes to travel and Amy was so great at planning the details! Dave was always the best person to scope out both pros and cons when it came to picking a route. In short it didn’t matter where we went because it all looked awesome! June finally rolled around and there were less than 30 days left to pack and prepare. The excitement was almost unbearable! I could hardly focus on work and day-to-day life because my mind was cloudy with the possibilities and unknowns. What would Europe be like? What did people really eat and wear and talk like? How would I feel when I stood where Jim Morrison was buried? What experiences would I carry home with me? …are French macarons better in France and can I find and stalk Johnny Depp in London? I’m sort of joking about Johnny Depp… haha hmmm!

I still can’t name the most epic thing that came from this trip and I couldn’t a year ago. I can’t tell you that I liked one place more than another. It would be like going sky diving, bungee jumping and rappelling in the same day and then having to come up with the most exhilarating moment. It just isn’t that easy to pin point the “best” thing when every moment is just as exciting as the last and everything is new to you! It’s like being 18 again. You don’t want to blink for one second because you might miss something amazing!

So I pulled out the box of memories today. Yeah that’s right you guessed it. It’s time for a Europe montage.


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