19 Weeks


Dear little grape,

We are almost halfway there!!!! I can’t believe how quickly time is going by! I had breakfast Saturday morning with your Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson and they were tickled and how big you’re getting! Grandpa spent the morning lovingly poking you and trying to get you to move while Grandma chased him away and fussed at him,  rubbed my belly and soothed you by saying grandma is here now! It was so adorable!! Grandmother Baker has been tuning into this little blog so she can keep up with how we are doing. The rest of our family in Pennsylvania likes reading the updates and can’t wait to meet you! You have a beautiful little cousin in Pennsylvania named Scarlet! I think you two will get along swimmingly when you get here!

I got to celebrate a sweet friend’s birthday party on Saturday. She had a painting party and I painted my little heart out and laughed a lot. It was a lovely time with good company but I was pooped by Sunday afternoon! I napped for a while and hung out with your Aunty and Uncle Russell and your cousin Lauren Grace by their swimming pool. It’s a blessing to have a network of people who check on me and spend time with me. It makes all these changes seem a lot less drastic and scary!

We go see the doctor on Thursday to check your progress and make sure everything is on track! I’m so excited to talk to him about you. I hope we can see you again but if not we have an ultrasound scheduled for July 5th.

We sure do love you lots!!
Mamma and Daddy

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