18 Weeks


Dearest little grape,

I’m already so attached to you! Every day I love you more if that is possible! I think I am starting to feel you moving around and it is the coolest sensation! It reminds me of how much you are depending on me right now! It’s a good feeling and a scary feeling all at once!

In the next couple of weeks we will be able to find out if you are a girl or a boy IF you cooperate little one! I’m just so excited to see you again! I can’t wait! I’ve been playing lots of Beatles and Buddy Holly to get you used to really good music! Yesterday I bought a new Shovels and Rope album and played it on the way home. Your dad says I am going to make you seasick with all the dancing I do to the music but I told him you’re just learning how to dance while you’re in there! I think my favorite time with you right now is when I sit and sing to you in the shower. I can’t wait to hold you and sing and dance with you!

Yesterday I asked your dad how he was feeling and he said he gets really excited and then really petrified all at once. I told him that was the way I felt too. I think it’s just that we both want to be the best mamma and daddy for you! You are going to have so much fun with your dad. He likes to laugh and be goofy and he is the best story teller!

We took you to the beach yesterday but I only got in the water for a little while. The rest of the time I sat on our blanket watching your dad jump into the waves and imagining you playing on the beach! It made me smile. A storm came and we got rained on which made me laugh the entire time we were making our soggy exit from the beach with armfuls of soaked towels and straw hats!

You have been delightful so far in the second trimester. I haven’t had morning sickness or too much discomfort. I am fighting some heartburn so I may have eaten something you didn’t like but other than that we are rocking and rolling through this pregnancy!

Starting to show a little!

Starting to show a little!


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