Oh man where in the world to begin to celebrate our dad!

1. Waking us up Sunday mornings singing Buddy Holly & The Everly Brothers.

2. Taking us to pick wild asparagus

3. Passing down his dad’s tall tale of “The Story of the Best and Worst Day He Ever Had”

4. Teaching us to chop wood!

5. Dancing us on his feet

6. Loving and following God with all of his heart

7. Crying with us and for us

8. Working night shift all those years and still spending days with us

9. Making us egg everything when he was in charge of feeding the kids

10. His awesome suede cowboy boots with the knife nick on the toe


11. How he gets super excited when he has an idea or cool invention

12. All the house calls and repairs he STILL does for all of his daughters

13. Teaching us stuff instead of just doing it for us

14. Favorite dad quotes: “Finer than Frog’s Hair”, “I’m gonna hit that so hard it’s gonna hum like a ten penny finishing nail hit with a greasy ball-peen hammer.”, You’re my favorite Suzanna”, Hahaha! “Don’t tell your mama” followed by him telling our mother! “Don’t get sassy”, “necked” hahaha! “Do I look handsome?”

15. Dancing with us whenever he has the chance!

16. Singing ” You’re So Young and Beautiful” to mom so many times throughout the years.

17. Telling us girls how pretty we look!

18. Driving me around on his lunch break when I was in college so we could scarf down a pizza together and hang out

19. Singing to me over the phone during a homesick call to him and mom

20. Always making us feel safe and loved

 I love you dad.

I got the best parents in the world and am so lucky God gave you to me!

 Love – your Sparkle*


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