But…I’m thirsty


There seems to be very little you can drink that benefits you when you’re pregnant! I made the mistake of Googling what is good to drink when pregnant and found a plethora of no no’s when it comes to quenching your thirsts! So this Googling got the wheels turning in my head. Limiting my caffeine seemed reasonable and no alcohol was sadly a given! I thought yeah this is not bad. Then … I continued reading and felt the physical pain of withdrawal. Soda can contain artificial sweeteners that can cause birth defects??? What??? Does this impact grownups too because that would explain a lot. Herbal tea is fine BUT be careful if it has caffeine in it. Sports drinks are questionable and juice is fine but man will it make you one fat pregnant lady. WHOAH! I mean I don’t mind drinking water but suddenly I felt like my fluid drinking world was closing in on me.

So…I checked on a lot of these things and to be honest, with a certain level self-control you can enjoy them without damaging your helpless little developing baby and pristine reputation as an impeccable candidate for motherhood.

Still when everyone is enjoying a frothy beer or a refreshing mi tai it’s frustrating to order a virgin anything. Please bartender don’t patronize me. If I was into the whole virgin thing I wouldn’t be pregnant right now.

I’m dealing with this the best way I can. I’ve done a little personal testing and found some really chic new-ish drinks that will make almost anyone curious enough to at least momentarily wish they had your beverage instead of their frosty, delicious, full bodied..dark.. hops filled beer. Sigh. In my quest I discovered some drinks that are going to be my bosom buddy throughout this pregnancy!

My first and most favorite is SOM and soda. Even the name sounds chic!

Mix one part flavored Pok Pok SOM drinking vinegar with 4 parts soda water. Throw a couple of ice cubes in to chill. Top with a lime, lemon or orange slice and watch out of the corner of your eye as friends look on curiously as you sip and enjoy.

One word. Blenheim. This is a beer you can respect. Ok ok ok it’s ginger beer but my husband turned me on to this and it truly makes me feel a little more bad ass than ordering a Shirley Temple Margarita. If you’re feeling really saucy and aren’t prone to heart burn order a Blenheim – Hot and impress everyone with your pregnant belly fortitude. The ginger and fizz actually help settle an upset stomach too!

And if you just need something that taste like a grown up beverage!! The Fre wine is a newer product worth trying and I’m a big fan of the Kaliber and Buckler nonalcoholic beer.

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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