Food For Thought!


When I was growing up I remember many long nights at the dinner table looking hatefully at a big green head of broccoli or spinach that would not disappear despite my efforts to use my mind to command it to go far, far away. Yep that’s right, no dessert that night and I went to bed praying my mom wouldn’t have it heated up for breakfast.

I put a lot of effort into hiding as much of these accursed vegetables as I could throughout the meal. I learned how to make a garden in my napkin by burying peas and carrots in them and mashing until colorful rows of veggies filled the white paper. At school I would beg my classmates to trade me their Twinkies for my mother’s homemade granola. Sometimes my mom would send me to school with milk money and I literally dreamed of chocolate milk in the morning hours leading up to lunch. I also sometimes went thirsty if someone agreed to sell their Twinkies for 35 cent. If my mother had known this at the time she might have understood what my teacher meant when she noted on my report card, Suzanna is well liked and does very well in school but sometimes it seems as though she is in “La La Land”.

Yes, if La La Land is chocolate milk. I was there.

In all honesty my parents did let us have sweets on special occasions but when it came to sustenance and the daily menu in Mama’s kitchen you could expect a well-rounded, vegetable laden, light on the sugar and starch (dinner rolls and sweet corn bread) kind of meal. The good news is this regime resulted in 6 strong healthy adults with healthy adult eating habits! I still don’t like peas and carrots but I include a wide variety of other veggies in my diet. Today I tried a new dressing recipe I got from my sister. I put it on raw kale (good for your brain!) and oh my gosh it was delicious. Shhhhh yes it’s healthy but it doesn’t count if it taste good!. Let me know what you think of it!



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