16 1/2 Weeks!


Dear sweet little grape,

You really are a lot bigger than a grape now but you’re always going to be our little grape. Me and daddy have been talking about possible names but we haven’t decided on one yet. What will we call you?!

I’ve started picking out room colors and making a list of the baby gear we need to pick up. I picked out some cute little white cotton onesies for you and they are so tiny! It’s hard to believe you will be so little when we finally meet you! Oh and in my baby shopping and research I discovered diaper bags are just big bags with a changing pad and bottle cooler in them. I wonder who came up with the brilliant “diaper bag” marketing scheme. Oh well! We will have everything ready when you get here.

We got to see you again at our last doctor visit and boy were you jumping around in there! I couldn’t stop laughing each time you moved! You like to bring your little hand up to your face and then use your legs to spring upward. We are just so proud and overjoyed by how strong and full of life you are!

Love you,

Mama and Daddy


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