What’s up doc?


So I have had some concerns as my prenatal care visits have progressed. I have been with my doctor for many years but despite this I haven’t been feeling at home when I go in to see my doctor about the baby. Seems weird right? Well I discovered there is a big difference in going to see someone once a year for annual checkup and building a 9 month-long relationship with someone who you need to rely on while growing another human being you will be solely responsible for. There are some emotional aspects that come into play. So a little more attention and care may be required (duh right?)! I have been kind of dreading the doctor visits because they just seem to stress me out.

This week I decided to go out on a limb and try another obstetrician recommended to me by a friend. I thought it would be best to try a new doctor before we got too far into the pregnancy. Something just wasn’t clicking with my current doctor and I wasn’t 100% at ease or confident in them. I had noticed that after several visits I was feeling lost and kind of in the dark about a lot of stuff.

So I went to see Doctor Flowers. Yes that is his real last name and he is wonderful and the name makes me smile. Let me just say I am so glad I decided to try someone new. I have nothing against my current doctor but this new doctor feels like an old friend and maybe a knowing grandparent! I never realized how important it is to feel at ease with your caregiver until I met the right doctor and suddenly a weight is lifted off your shoulders! So now I am ready to take this pregnancy on! Bring it!


Lesson learned here? Yeah don’t interpret familiarity with comfort. It was easy to blame my uneasiness on not being a subject matter expert when it comes to babies but the truth is I needed a doctor who felt more like my favorite recliner at home instead of an expensive leather sofa!


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