14 weeks


Dearest little grape,

I think about you all day long! I can finally see you a little bit but I wonder what you are going to be like! I wonder what you will think of this place? I wonder what your favorite color will be!

I’m having weird food cravings. I never eat meat but I think you must be a big fan of burgers (or protein hehe)! I still eat lots of vegetables but I seem to feel the need to throw in some meat now and again. I think the oddest craving I have had is for massive amounts of salsa and mild banana peppers! What baby wants baby gets…within reason! I have a lot more energy than I did early on but the summer heat slows me down a little. I’m looking forward to lots of frozen fruit to keep us cool! Looking forward to shopping for some roomier clothing soon! Things are starting to get a little snug!

My dad/your Grandpa says he wants to sing to you soon and I just know you are going to love it! You come from a long line of music lovers so I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my favorite records!

Daddy has been so wonderful. He loves to pat my belly just to give you a little hello. He is already so proud of you! Sometimes he just looks at my belly lovingly!

PS: Me and Daddy are thinking about how we want to let the world know about you! As much as we are dying to tell everyone we have really kind of enjoyed keeping you all to ourselves but soon everyone is going to be talking about the imminent arrival of our amazing little one!

Baby at 14 Weeks

Lots of love,

Mama and Dad


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