Hello baby!



We are so excited about our little grape! While this is possibly a very bad time to start blogging it may also be the perfect time to keep track of all the hustle and bustle! Our first visit went very well. We are right at 10 weeks pregnant. The baby looks healthy and is the size it should be at this point. When the ultrasound pictures came up on the computer screen Dave was so cute to watch. He leaned in really, really close and smiling from ear to ear said woooow! Babies really are a gift from God! We have been so blessed! Unfortunately my butt has not been blessed. It is about 9 pounds heavier since I have had to quit my weight training and calorie counting.

Oh on a side note the baby/pregnancy brain has kicked in. I made up a new word the today. The new word is awevy. Apparently this means awesome when you are responding to someone at work talking about the TV show Downton Abbey. So instead of saying that show is awesome now I’m going to coin the word awevy and say that show is awevy. I think it will totally catch on…

I read these every week and share them with Dave so we can watch our baby develop. It’s really neat!

Baby at 10 Weeks

Well that’s all for now!


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