Oh baby baby


In May 2011 Dave and I got married and began a challenging and fun adventure together! I also went out of the country for the first time with him. In July 2012 we went with our close friends on a backpack laden tour of Central Europe which was amazing!! In February 2013 Dave and I made an offer on a pretty special home in the center of historical Summerville. It was built in 1979 so I’m not sure how they managed to sneak it into the middle of all things historical but I’m glad they did!

Almost immediately after we made our offer on the home we found out we are expecting a wonderful bundle of joy in November! I’ve heard that if you want to conceive you should make a large purchase while trying. Perhaps that is an old wives’ tale but maybe, just maybe there is a bit of truth in that saying!

It’s been an eventful couple of years and while the house we made an offer on is a short sale taking a very long time to buy; our baby is rapidly growing and getting prepared for this great big world its parents are still curiously discovering!


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